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06/08/2010 16:19

Jensen ackles (Dean winchester) concede uma entrevista, e fala sobre a season 6.

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Darryl Morden: You’ve faced the apocalypse, you’ve been to hell and got out…so what’s next?

Jensen Ackles CW Photo

Jensen Ackles: We pick up a year later. Dean is kind of out of the game. The first two episodes are about him getting sucked back into it.

DM: Like Michael Corleone…

JA: Sucked back in — you can never get out. Dean has now kind of domesticated himself, but at the same time there’s still the shotgun underneath the bed, silver bullets in the closet, silver amults on doors; he’s still looking over his shoulder but he’s driving a pick-up truck and heading to work – he’s a construction worker – and barbecues with neighbors. It’s kind of funny.

DM: How will things unfold? Another big story arc?

JA: The way it’s shaping up, it looks as though this season is kind of going to be a reset. The reset button has been hit, we’re going to go back to the formula from season one where there’s a monster every week and how we deal with it and stuff like that.

DM: Will we seen a return of a bit more comedy or black humor, since things were so dire overall in recent seasons?

JA: Obviously, knowing what we now know about the characters and their past, having five years of history with these guys, there are a lot more layers to what’s going on, but I think the comedy will actually be there, full-tilt, like it actually was in season one.

DM: So no epic story arc, or something brewing underneath?

JA: We’re going to go back that “monster of the week” a bit, but there will be that common denominator of mythology throughout the show like it was in season one and season two.

DM: What about Sam?

JA: We just had a meeting for what we can and cannot talk about, and I don’t remember any of it.  He has been back and has not contacted Dean until absolutely necessary, and Dean finds out that Sam wasn’t really gone that long at all and basically has left him alone for the better part of the year. So now that Dean knows that Sam is alive, that’s the big reveal and that turns into anger of “why have you not told me that you’re around?” and he finds out that Bobby knows and everybody knows he’s back, and Dean is kind of the last to know because it was Sam’s effort in letting Dean lead a normal life.

DM: And there’s the big question of what happened to Sam…

Jensen Ackles CW Photo

JA: It’s Sam but after an experience in Hell. Remember, when Dean came back, he was only gone for an X amount of time, but (to him) it felt like 40 years.  So essentially the same thing has now happened to Sam and what’s different will be revealed. I don’t even know what will actually happen, but I know there will be something. There’s a secret there. Is it all Sam or is it partially something else?

DM: You voiced The Red Hood for the Batman animated film, Under the Red Hood, which is now out.

JA: There’s that and also a Japanese anime of Supernatural that’s being released in Japan. Jared [Padalecki] and I are going to be doing a few of the episode voiceovers, and the guys who do the live action dubbing there will take over the voices.

DM: Would you like to do more work like The Red Hood?

JA: I would, but I wouldn’t want that to be my sole thing. I quite enjoyed it.  My father has been doing voice-overs in radio and stuff like that since I was born, so I kind of come from that background.  He has a studio in his house. I grew up with my dad doing his work with a bathrobe and a cup of coffee in the studio. There has always been a soft spot for me doing voice-overs and that kind of work.  It was great to get that opportunity. I hope it goes well because I’d like to do another one.

DM: What would be your dream superhero to voice?

JA: I don’t know. To be honest, I haven’t seen it yet so I don’t know how my voice reads.  So I think I have to hear myself before I start saying, “Oh, I’d be great for this guy…”


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