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24/09/2010 14:44

Vejam abaixo a mais recente entrevista de Jared e Jensen:

Supernatural returns this Friday, in a season that follows what happens to Sam and Dean now that they've fought angels, demons and the Devil himself. The producers have said this season is returning to stories of monsters and creatures, but also focuses on where these old school foes actually come from for this first time. At the same time, the Winchester brothers also deal with Sam's trip to hell and back and Dean's time living a very different, domesticated existence while Sam was gone.

I was among a group of journalists who visited the set of Supernatural this week, watching as stars Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles filmed a classic scenario for Sam and Dean– as they posed as FBI agents at a crime scene. During a break in filming, Padalecki and Ackles spoke to us about this coming season. While they don't go into too many specific details on what's to come, spoiler-phobes should be aware the actors do talk about some of what occurs at the start of the season.

Question: From what we've seen in trailers for the premiere, Sam and Dean aren't getting along too well. But we see you here today working together, so…

Jared Padalecki: Are we brotherly loving here today? Co-existing?

Q: Right. What is the status of their relationship when we pick back up this season?

Jensen Ackles: It's a lot different, in the fact that this is a year later, and Dean's basically been living a year with thinking that [Sam] is gone. So when Sam shows back up unexpectedly… obviously there's surprise, but then there's also anger at the fact that, "How long has he been around, and why hasn't he told me?" So that's the first bit of friction that they get.

Padalecki: And also, I think my character's a bit different because I went to Hell for a little bit. Not only Hell, but Lucifer's cage in hell - like an archangel battle. So I come back much less lovey-dovey, and more like "All right. I've been to Hell a couple times. I've been to Heaven. I've died. I've come back, I've done this and I've done that." So I think Sam's kind of more "no bulls**t" this year.

Q: So between Sam and Dean, whose experience in Hell was worse?

Padalecki: I'd say mine, I think. But we're only eight episodes into it. We don't know too much about mine.

Ackles: We haven't really explored it yet.

Padalecki: Yeah. As Crowley says, "I can't imagine what it's like in the cage.. and I can imagine so many things." So we get the idea that Sam was kind of in… In the slums of hell! [Laughs] He wasn't in the penthouse. He was slumming down there!

- The CWQ: Some fans are worried this storyline will lead to more literal fights between you guys.

Padalecki: I hope so! It's fun!

Ackles: Well, in the trailer [for Season 6], there's a shot of me hitting him. That wasn't edited to look as though it was [something it wasn't]. That actually happened. So, there is physical confrontations. There are verbal confrontations between the brothers. But they do have their common denominator, and that is that they're both hunters. So they get back on the right track, eventually, but there is still a strain in the relationship that has yet to be worked out.

Padalecki: I think there are a lot of frictions. It kind of hearkens back to Season 1, where there is Sam's story, and Sam's like, "Dean, with all due respect, I deserve respect as well. I have my own life. I've done my own things. I deserve my own credit and I'm going to do things my way, and I deserve to do things my way." And Dean's like, "Well, you don't know what I've been through and this last year for me. My priorities have changed and shifted. I have people I love and care about and now I don't want to be so cavalier." And Sam's like, "What? Why not? I just came back from Hell again!" So I think there are personal frictions with both brothers and they're sort of amplified by the fact that we hunt.

Ackles: Yeah, there's a big kind of a shift in Dean's character – actually, much to my chagrin. I was not happy with it. Dean was really kind of being written soft. We spent five years with this guy being a tough, shoot first, ask questions later kind of guy. And now all of a sudden he's lived one year in more of a domesticated life and he's gone soft on us. I was upset. As a fan of the show myself, that kind of made me upset. But I did my best to kind of curve that in the acting. It read pretty soft on the page, but I think I toughened it up a little bit. [Laughs] I'm like, "Look, if I've got anything to do with it, I'm gonna beat this guy up a little bit."

Padalecki: In all honesty, you kind of kept it true to your character. Because it wasn't like we were just not doing what the writers were writing for. It was like, "How can I work this in to where I don't completely lose….?"

Ackles: Which was different, because after five seasons of playing this guy, now I'm actually having to think harder about how to play this guy correctly than I ever have before.

Padalecki: These are supposed to be the easy years! [Laughs]

Ackles: Yeah! I'm like "What happened to the gravy boat here?"

Padalecki: We talked to Tom [Welling], and Tom's like, "Oh yeah, Season 6, it's easy from there on out." We're like, "It's gotten harder this year!"

Ackles: I'm changing [things]. Like, "Okay. How would Dean actually react to this situation?" Because he's never been in a domesticated situation like this, where he's got a kid, and a girl.

Padalecki: And Sam also is not so heartfelt anymore. We've go up to this dead body and there's a detective and we're pretending to be FBI agents and he's like, "FBI?" And my line is "Yeah, we're specialists. We answer the questions of mouth breathing dick monkeys." Stone-faced. "We answer mouth breathing dick monkeys. You going to tell us what's going on?" It's like, who is this dude!?

Ackles: Dean's reaction is like, "Okay… Wow..."

Padalecki: "Couldn't have said it better myself!"

Ackles: "He's come so far." So there is a little bit of change in the characters. But I think, from what I understand, once we get towards the meat of the season, everybody kind of gets back on the same track. We find out a lot more as to why their motivations has shifted a little bit.

Padalecki: I think the common denominator is also that Sam and Dean both want it to be better. In their own way, albeit, but they at least both want the same things. Maybe they word it differently, but it's no longer Sam going, "All right. I've got this demon. I'm going to go see what's happening this way. You do whatever you want. We'll meet up later." It's now like, "I think we're just wording differently what we want. Let's just try and work together and let it flesh itself out and hope for the best in the end."

Q: Are we ever going to see Dean's necklace again? Do you think Sam got it out of the trash?

Ackles: I know. That's one of those kind of trivia questions. It's like, "What happened to the necklace?"
Padalecki: All I know is that [Supernatural creator Eric] Kripke said that we'll never see it again.

Ackles: Did he say that? Oh, okay! I think he may have been inundated with so many questions about that damn necklace that he was like, "You know what? Screw it. I'm getting rid of the damn thing. That's it. I don't want to talk about it anymore. I'm melting it down." But you know, now that Sera [Gamble]'s kind of taken the reins, she's definitely got the power to bring it back. Unless Eric goes, "NO!"

Q: Sera's been with the show since the beginning, but what's the transition been like with her taking over from Eric as showrunner?

Ackles: I haven't noticed it too much. She's been part of the gang since day one, and Eric's still kicking around and he still puts his stamp of approval on just about everything. There's a little shift in the writing, and just like what we've been talking about with the characters. I think aside from where we actually picked up in the story, it was quite different then from what we're used to doing, starting a season.

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